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Terms and conditions

Update 26/02/2018

By placing an order with Customizzare for our engraving service, you certify that you are above the legal age of 18, and have read, understood, and agreed to the following terms and conditions of this service contract without any limitation or qualification. Customizzare reserves the right to change the service contract at any time for any reason without notice. Changes are effective immediately which shall be posted on our website and presides over any orders placed after posting. Any orders made by customers after amendments will be considered as agreement of the new service contract by the customer. If you have further enquiry on any part of this service contract, please feel free to email before proceeding with your order.

Intellectual Property/Copyright notice
Customizzare’s website, images, illustrations, graphic and written materials are intellectual property and are protected by copyright. By placing an order for our services, you grant Customizzare a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to copy, distribute, post, reproduce, sell and create derivative works from it, whether in print or any kind of electronic derivative, for any commercial purposes. Any names, logos or images on Customizzare’s website or marketing materials are the protected intellectual property of the owners of those, names, logos and images. Any violation of these intellectual property rights including, without limitation, unauthorized replication, reproduction, or distribution of said material, is strictly prohibited. Any photo, image, art or text that is sent by the customer to Customizzare for engraving should be their original artwork and does not violate anyone else’s copyright. Customizzare’s staffs withhold the right to cancel any orders if it is found to violate any copyright at our sole discretion.

Payment for Services
Customer’s payment for services is due in full via PayPal, Cheque or Cash at time of order. Corporate clients may pay 50% of total invoice at time of order, while the remaining 50% upon completion of order. Customer is to contact Customizzare for other modes of payment prior to placing any orders with us.

Cancellation of Mobile/Event Engraving Services
1. This sub-section 1 of the Mobile/Event Engraving Services is applicable to events during the period of January to October only.
Customer will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of total quoted sum for mobile/event engraving services if cancelled within 7 days from event date.

2. This sub-section 2 of the Mobile/Event Engraving Services is applicable to events during the period of November and December only. Customer will be charged a cancellation fee of 70% of total quoted sum for mobile/event engraving services if cancelled within 28 days from event date.

Storage of Machine at Event Site
Customizzare may, but is under no obligation to, leave any equipment at the event site overnight for consecutive event dates. In the event that the venue is deemed insecure for overnight storage by Customizzare, the customer will be charged for transport/logistics based on the number of trips to a secure location as determined by Customizzare.

Damage of Machine at Event Site
Customizzare may seek compensation from customer for any damage on the equipment at any time during the event engagement if deemed to be caused by the customer.

Storage of Goods/Items
Customizzare reserves the right to dispose of any Goods, or any portion thereof, sixty days after job completion. Customer shall be responsible for payment of all charges attributable to said Goods within the stated period and for removing the Goods from the warehouse upon payment of all charges. If the Goods are not so removed, Customizzare may exercise its rights under applicable law including but not limited to selling the Goods.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
Customer understands that the use of our service is at their sole risk. Customizzare, under no circumstance, shall be liable for any claim, demand, obligation, liability, indebtedness, agreement, covenant, breach of contract, breach of statute or statutory liability, act, compensation, contract, promise, judgement, damage, cost, loss, attorney’s fee, or claim for sanctions, whether now or hereafter and whether directly or indirectly in any way related to our services. Customizzare shall not be responsible for scratches, dents, or any other damage to the goods sold after 7 days of receiving goods.

Manufacturer Warranties
It is the sole responsibility of the customer to read and understand the warranties protecting the Goods prior to placing an order with Customizzare. Customizzare shall in no way be responsible for the void, nullification or modification of the warranties on the goods because of our services.

Return Policy
Customizzare may, but is under no obligation to, refund a customer’s payment for services in the event that Customizzare determines that a discrepancy or error in the services warrants such a refund. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customizzare’s liability to customer, if any, shall be limited to the total invoice for service provided by Customizzare on any disputed transaction. Customizzare shall not be liable for any damages to customer in any way or any claims for damages related to lost of revenue or profits, or damage to goods, regardless of the type of claim, unless damage is caused intentionally by Customizzare. The provisions in the Return Policy section shall survive any sale completed with the customer, and any change or elimination of this contract.

Right to Decline
Customizzare has the right to decline any submitted order for any reason (eg.Copyright laws) at its sole discretion. Customizzare is not liable for declining to perform services for any customer.

Privacy Policy
Customizzare collects customer’s email addresses for communicating with customers including sending confirmation emails and proofs. Customizzare collects customer’s name, telephone number, and address for billing and shipping purposes. Customizzare does not store credit card information as all transactions are completed via PayPal. Customizzare may collect standard web log information for each of its web pages, including IP addresses, URL, and timestamp, and may withhold this information indefinitely. Customizzare endeavors to store information in a secure environment but does not and cannot guarantee security. Customizzare may disclose customer information if required to do so by law.

Binding Effect
The customer agrees that this contract shall be binding upon them and that unless amended in writing and signed by the Customizzare, this Contract contains the final agreement between the Customizzare and the customer. The terms of this contract are contractual and have been carefully reviewed by the customer and that the contents and terms expressed herein are fully understood.

Governing Law
The terms of this Contract shall be construed and enforce in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore without regard to any choice of law provisions and any litigation in connection with the interpretation or enforcement of the terms of this Contract shall be maintained in a courts of competent jurisdiction in the County of Republic of Singapore.

Waiver of Right to Trial by Jury
Customizzare and customer hereby waive their rights to a trial by jury in any action, proceeding, or counterclaim brought by either party against the other arising out of this contract and/or the relationship of the parties.

In the event that Customizzare must employ legal counsel or bring an action at law or proceeding against the customer to enforce any of the terms, obligations, or conditions of this contract in connection with services provided by Customizzare hereunder,  Customizzare shall be entitled to recover all costs associated with such enforcement or collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Any failure by Customizzare to act with respect to a breach of this Contract shall not be deemed a waiver of the Company’s right to act with respect to different or similar breaches by the customer.


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