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Appreciation from the heart

Gestures of goodwill go a long way in strengthening business relationships. Corporate gifts are your tangible expression of gratitude for your client’s or partner’s patronage or partnership. You go beyond meeting their business needs to engender a positive perspective of your organization. Corporate gifts convey a constant visual connection to your company.

A company is only as strong as its workforce, so staff and team members need recognition as well. Corporate gifts are a sentimental demonstration of appreciation for employees as well. Companies that regularly show their gratitude to workers benefit from increased employee productivity and loyalty.

Why Us?

Personalized gifts are powerful tools that make a lasting impression with clients, business partners, and employees. Customized gifts show recipients that they are not merely cookie-cutter components of your business. Instead, unique gifts demonstrate that you recognize and value each recipient as an individual.

High-quality customized gifts used as door prizes complement your business identity and help ingrain it in the minds of clients. Effective gifts will not only meet the practical needs of the recipients; these items will keep your brand before your clients and foster continued relations.

While expensive gifts may seem impressive, they unnecessarily cut away at your bottom line. Extravagance may backfire as clients question how your pricing accommodates your lavishness. Instead of attempting to outdo competitors in opulent gift-giving, seek for creative items that demonstrate thoughtfulness.

With Customizzare, you are not alone in your search for the best corporate gifts in Singapore. Drawing on our extensive experience with small and high-profile companies, we can help you select the ideal tokens of appreciation for your internal and external partners. Customizzare can assist you in developing a corporate gift strategy that maximizes impact for your recipients within your budget and overall business goals.

Customizzare offers you an extensive array of merchandise for your promotional needs in Singapore. We feature premium quality items that you can be proud to present to your employees, clients and partners. Our expertise can make your gifts stand out with excellence.

Once you have decided upon the perfect gifts, let Customizzare add an extra touch of customization. Customizzare is here to help you personalize corporate gifts that will imprint your company’s reputation on the minds and hearts of your clients, partners, and team members. We provide on-location laser engraving of logos, texts and graphics to serve you where you are.

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What can we Engrave?

Customizzare utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide superior personalized results. We customize a vast range of products and materials for the office, home, travel, and sports. Here are examples of items we have imprinted for dozens of satisfied customers in Singapore:

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Glass Engraving Services

Laser engraving on glassware gives it an unique “frosted” finishing much similar to sandblasting but more intricate and versatile

Metal Engraving Services

Laser engrave on any raw or coated metals! Laser engraving on metals results in a white finish, or black finish for Stainless Steel

Plastic Engraving Services

Laser engraving on raw plastic results in a special “depth” effect. The coat will be removed for coated plastic revealing the plastic underneath

Wood Engraving Services

Laser engraving on any type of wood! Laser engraving generally results in a burnt effect which may vary slightly depending on the type of wood.

Leather & Other Engraving Services

Laser engrave on almost any other material like denim and leather! Customizzare laser engraving precision gets the job done.

Events/Mobile Engraving

Stand out from your competitors by attracting customers with on-the-spot personalization on your products for sales events, D&D, invited events and more

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OR get a free quote by click on the “Contact Us” button and complete our enquiry form below. Expect prompt, friendly service as we strive to exceed your expectations. You can send us items for engraving, or we can come to your site or event and customize your gifts on the spot. Customizzare is your premier engraving specialist for corporate gifts in Singapore.


Customizzare Singapore provides quality laser engraving services and customized gifts for individual and corporate. Personalize your items with laser engraved images or custom texts for any occasion. Some examples includes:


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